• The UN Common Learning Package on HRBA (+)


    The aim of the UN Common Learning Package (CLP) is to enhance the capacity of UN country team staff to understand the concept of the human rights-based approach as elaborated in the 2003 UN Common Understanding on a Human Rights-based Approach to Development Programming, and to apply it in the UN common country programming context.

    The learning package was developed by the Working Group on Training of the Action 2 inter-agency Task Force (OHCHR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNIFEM), in collaboration with the UN System Staff College, drawing from the collective experience of all agencies. The package includes particular focus on women and conflict as two substantive areas of common concern to the UN system.

    The primary audience of the common learning package is the UN country team, with particular emphasis on the Resident Coordinator, Heads of Agencies and senior UN professionals, as well as programme officers and technical level staff with direct responsibility for developing CCA/UNDAFs. Depending on the needs of specific UNCTs, the audience can be enlarged to include other national and international stakeholders.  As human rights-based approach is one of the five core UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) programming principles, the common learning package guides UN country teams in applying a human rights-based approach in every stage of the UNDAF cycle: assessment and analysis, priority setting, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. The revised common learning package contains:

    • A stronger focus on results based management to help users develop more rights-based oriented results in their UNDAF;
    • An additional section on country experiences to help users learn from and build upon the experience of other UN country teams;
    • An updated facilitation manual to support UN country teams who want to use the common learning package to train their national partners in using the human rights based approach; and,
    • More participatory and examples-based modules throughout the package.

    The common learning package is meant to be a flexible tool for training on human rights based approach and can be enhanced and complemented on a regular basis. Currently, the training package consists of a facilitation guide and learning tools including relevant presentations, hand outs, and for some modules, group exercises and case studies.

    The Common Learning Package (CLP)

    The Package consists of a resource guide; workshop modules/facilitation guide; learning tools including PowerPoint presentations; case studies and group exercises.

    • The Common Learning Package

      The Common Learning Package – in powerpoint presentation form – provides learning tools, group exercises and case studies for use in HRBA training workshops.
      CLP-English CLP-Spanish CLP-French CLP-Arabic
    • Facilitation Guide for Regional HRBA/RBM Workshop

      This training guide was compiled for use by training/facilitation teams that are running regional HRBA/RBM workshops. The guide can be also used for in-country HRBA/RBM workshops although some of the group work instructions need to be modified. The facilitation team will also need to consider the local context and adjust the methodology as needed. HRBA/RBM – English.