• The Practitioners Guide on Human Rights Based Approach related to the Environment and Climate Change (+)

    This Practitioners Guide relates to the environment and climate change with a focus on how human rights contribute to a sustainable ecology where all have access to resources now and into the future.  As the Guide states:

    “Human rights protect our most basic needs, and human rights principles, especially non-discrimination, insist that we are not treated differently in accessing those needs.  Since those needs have a natural basis, no-one can take more over a sustainable share of natural resources without threatening others’ rights; and since these resources are linked through ecological processes globally, all natural resources can be seen as part of the commons.  If one person or group takes more than their fair share of these common goods, human rights globally are threatened.  Human rights therefore demand that we protect these common resources…”

    “Simply put, existing human rights obligations demand immediate action to address the ecological crisis while developing all human rights, whether we have specific international climate change or other ecological treaties or not.  Defending, extending and deepening human rights is thus the best environmental policy.”