• Serving the unserved: How government agencies and NGOs learned to reach migrant children (+)

    Case study documenting how multi-partner stakeholders met the educational requirements of migrant children in Thailand. The ILO-IPEC project supported both the collecting of information on migrant children and the mapping of schools and   learning centres in two districts. In addition, the project enabled the mapping focused on language, depending on the situation of a school or learning centre, to help teachers and students better communicate and understand each other. Outcomes of the project included: Some 600 migrant child workers were trained on labour rights and workplace safety. A series of training workshops on child labour and vulnerable children involved 200 employers and migrant volunteers; and, Data on 2,039 Thai and migrant children who are working or in the worst forms of child labour and those at risk of either was collected in the two districts of Mae Sot and Pho Phra in Tak province from February through June 2009.