• Rights-based Municipal Development Programme (RMAP) – Vulnerability Assessment Via Focus Groups Piloted at the Local Level (+)

    The Rights-based Municipal Assessment and Planning Project (RMAP) is a pilot project carrying out human rights-based assessments and development planning of selected municipalities in BiH. The Project is also testing and piloting a methodology for human rights-based development. It is a joint project of the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, UNDP and UN OHCHR. The Project originated from a concern that grassroots human rights information was either undocumented or not made public, thereby inhibiting action to effectively overcome problems facing vulnerable groups. RMAP aims to assess the enjoyment of all main human rights affecting residents in selected BiH municipalities. The long-term objective of the project is the improvement of human rights locally. The first outcome are human rights-based assessments (which consist of both assessment and thorough analysis of problems identified and rights affected) that make direct link to international human rights principles and standards; the second outcome is human rights-based municipal development planning based on the findings of the assessment, in the interest of the local population and based on the maximum utilization of available resources.

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