• Manual de induccion en el enfoque de derechos para profesionales de salud del primer nivel de atencion (+)

    This manual is designed for the purpose of supplementing the induction process health professionals from primary care with basic knowledge on the approach human rights. The Human Rights Approach (EDH) is a tool to make more effective and
    sustainable actions to improve the health situation, as it is based on the principle of it is only possible to achieve the full realization of human rights, integrating standards and human rights principles into policies, plans, programs and public projects. The manual has two types of inputs, basic information about the standards and principles of Human rights approach and guidelines for incorporating aspects of the approach at work everyday equipment. Section guidance Coordinators / as found in proposals made by members of basic health teams and community groups organized under
    of Incorporation Rights Approach Project that developed with support from UNDP and OHCHR for the Ministry of Health, which are based on concrete experience which involves managing the provision of basic health services from the perspective of rights.