• International Labour Migration: A rights-based approach (+)

    This book is a comprehensive discussion of issues of labour migration in a globalizing world, and highlights ILO perspectives on labour migration, the connections between migration and development, decent work for migrant workers, the normative framework for protection of migrant rights, the governance of international labour migration, and the role of social dialogue and international cooperation. In so doing, it brings together the elements of a rights-based approach to labour migration as identified by its constituents.

    The origin of this book was the background report prepared by the International Labour Office for the General Discussion on Migrant Workers at the 92nd Session of the Ilc in June 2004. That report highlighted the need for a rights-based approach to labour migration, recognizing that the key to the effective protection of migrants’ rights lies in effective governance and regulation of migration. This rights-based approach to labour migration was also central to the resolution on a fair deal for migrant workers adopted by the 2004 session of the Ilc. The human and labour rights of migrant workers are contained in a number of international instruments, developed by both the UN and the ILO. A rights-based approach to labour migration is one that draws on these internationally recognized rights and standards and ensures that they have a tangible impact on the lives of migrant workers.

    All major sectors of the ILO – standards, employment, social protection and social dialogue – work on labour migration within the ILO’s overarching frame-work of “decent work for all”. One of the four strategic objectives of the ILO is to promote and realize standards and fundamental principles and rights at work. In order effectively to promote a rights-based approach to labour migration, the ILO must go beyond the solemn declaration of rights. It must work to ensure that these rights are protected by the legislation, policies and practices of Member States. The development of the ILO Multilateral Framework was a major step by the ILO in giving practical meaning and effect to the rights of migrant workers. Its contents, significance and impact will be highlighted throughout this book.

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