• Direito à Alimentação e Acesso à Justiça (+)

    The “Studies on the Right to Food” is a series of articles and reports relating this law and its implementation to various areas such as politics, legislation, agriculture, rural development, biodiversity, environment and management natural resources.

    Based on concrete examples, this publication aims to demonstrate that access to justice is possible and useful to protect victims of violations of the right to food. In the first part, the authors will show that the arguments presented against the justiciability of the right to food are now outdated. In the second part, the authors describe the conditions that allow victims of violations of the right to food have access to justice. They present the legal systems in which access to justice is possible, and the gaps that need to be filled in other legal systems. Presenting the existing case law at the international level,
    regional and national, will evaluate the impact of access to justice on the completion of right to food.


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