• AREVA in Niger: A multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle HIV/AIDS (+)

    This case study explores the establishment of a multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle HIV/AIDS in a remote region with a high prevalence rate in which AREVA is a major economic actor. It describes and assesses the process that brought the partners together to design a joint action plan. Despite their different agendas, the part­ners shared a common interest in tackling HIV/AIDS that made their cooperation possible. The case study outlines the successes and challenges encountered during this preparatory phase. It seeks to highlight some of the lessons learned in embarking on a multi-stakeholder partnership to help respond to a major human rights issue affecting people that the company considers to be within its sphere of in­fluence. These lessons may be helpful to other companies considering coop­eration with other partners to advance a human rights issue, especially in the area of health. It also illustrates one mode of respecting and supporting hu­man rights (the first Global Compact principle) and how cooperation with actors outside the company has the potential to have significantly more impact than if the company were to act alone. Moreover, in some cases, cooperation with outside actors may be the only way forward.