• Applying a Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Work in Rwanda: A practical handbook to guide UN Agencies and Implementing Partners of UN Projects (+)

    This handbook was designed as a practical guide for implementation of a human rights-based approach to development work for UN Agencies and implementing partners of UN projects. UN agencies have adopted a human rights-based approach to their development cooperation and have gained experiences in its operationalization. But each UN agency has tended to have its own interpretation of approach and how it should be operationalized. However, UN interagency collaboration at global and regional levels, and especially at the country level in relation to the Common Country Assesment (CCA) and United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) processes, requires a common understanding of this approach and its implications for development programming. This handbook attempts to arrive at such an understanding on the basis of those aspects of the human rights-based approach that are common to the policy and practice of the UN bodies that participated in the Interagency Workshop on a Human Rights-Based Approach in the context of UN reform 3-5 May, 2003.

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