• ARC resource pack study material: Foundation module 2: Child rights-based approaches (+)

    This module is intended to provide a basic understanding of one of the key concepts underlying Action for the Rights of Children (ARC) resource pack: child rights and rights-based approaches and why they are important in emergency settings. This module outlines the international legal framework that is both the point of reference and the source of authority for engagement with the challenges faced by children.

    It also aims to clearly explain what child rights-based approaches are and how they can be applied in emergencies. Human rights, humanitarian and refuge law are relevant to the protection of children and the exercise and enjoyment of their rights in emergencies, including refugee situations, internal displacement, natural and man-made disaster and conflict. The relative vulnerability of children, and the need to accord them special consideration and special protection has been long recognized and accepted. These considerations apply to all children, and especially so in circumstances where normal order is disrupted.