• A Guide on Conducting a Right to Food Assessment at District Level in Uganda (+)

    With regards to the right to food it is important to asses whose right to food is not being realized in the district or local government level. This entails systematically undertaking disaggregated analysis on the food insecurity, vulnerability and nutrition status of different groups in society with particular attention to assessing any form of discrimination that may manifest itself in greater food insecurity and vulnerability to food insecurity, or in a higher prevalence of malnutrition groups, or both, with a view to removing and preventing such causes of food insecurity or malnutrition. In this particular example, a vulnerable group profiling has been conducted in Uganda. This involved identifying and describing those who are food-insecure and vulnerable, and grouping them by livelihood characteristics. The profiling includes the determination of the reasons why those groups suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

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