About the Portal

Mainstreaming human rights within the UN system has been a cornerstone of UN reform since 1997.  Since then, the UN has accumulated a wide range of knowledge and experience in mainstreaming human rights into its work.  The UN Practitioners’ Portal on HRBA pools together that body of knowledge and experience, and makes it accessible to UN practitioners through a single entry point. The initiative grew out of a need to harness the wide body of knowledge and experience gathered across UN agencies, funds and programmes, so that these lessons can be applied in future activities.  The application of this knowledge and learning is vital to improve the quality of the UN’s human rights mainstreaming work.

Our Mission

  • To share lessons learned and good practice in mainstreaming human rights in programming and practice;
  • To improve the quality of our work in mainstreaming human rights – both the processes and results – and support evidence-based policy formulation;

Focus Areas

The HRBA Portal provides country-level practitioners with practical resources on mainstreaming human rights in programming.  It serves as a one-stop shop, providing access to relevant international human rights standards and instruments, programming tools and case-studies which demonstrate the application of a HRBA in practice.  The portal also provides access to a collection of insights and lessons learned from practitioners applying the HRBA in a wide range of sectors, through the HuriTALK section.


The portal represents a collaborative effort between 19 UN organisations, agencies and programmes – in the form of the UN Development Group’s Human Rights Working Group (UNDG-HRWG).  It was first launched in 2008 as part of the Action 2 Programme on Human Rights Strengthening.  The portal was expanded and re-launched on the occasion of human rights day on 10th December, 2011.


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