About HuriTALK

HURITALK – the UN-Wide virtual knowledge network on human rights policy – connects over 1700 development practitioners from more than 20 UN agencies, funds and programmes. Through the exchange of information, good practice and lessons learned, members develop their understanding of and capacity to integrate human rights-based approaches into development programming and practice.   The network serves as a valuable practical tool for translating the UN’s commitment to mainstream human rights into all aspects of its work, system-wide.

The network provides members with a virtual forum in which to:

  • Pose Questions and start Discussions on substantive issues related to human rights in development work;
  • Share Comparative Experience, Case Studies and “Good Practice” in integrating human rights into development programmes;
  • Discuss Lessons Learned and formulate Strategies and Policies rooted in experience;
  • Develop Guidance Tools based on demand from practitioners;
  • Share Information on upcoming events, relevant training, significant publications and resources through a Monthly Resource Update

Network Products and Services

The Consolidated Reply (CR) is the Network’s core product, consolidating together in one document a summary response to a (member’s) query, additional recommended resources, contacts and relevant experiences, as well as all the individual responses received to the query.

The E-discussion serves as a ‘virtual’ policy forum that allows practitioners to reflect on and engage in an in-depth discussion, on a topic of their choice. Held several times per year, the six-week discussion allows members to exchange experience, perspectives and get to the heart of practical difficulties and challenges faced by network members in a particular area.

The Monthly Resource Updates provides information on current human rights-related news including resources, publications, event and vacancies. To receive the Monthly Resource update and participate on HuriTALK, subscribe at: humanrights-talk@groups.undp.org.